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How do ATMs protect and grow your bottom line?

Cash is the most direct way for buyers to follow through with a purchase. Cash on hand adds the impulse to spend, a fact backed by studies showing ATM machines encourage more shopping and spending on site. By providing a convenient, accessible ATM in your store, shop or elsewhere on site, you are putting cash in the hands of your customers.

An ATM machine means less reliance on credit transactions or checks, less hassle and less paper transactions for you. Finally, the ATM provider can profit from the service through all or part of a transaction fee. The key is to work with a trusted partner. Cord Financial Services is that trusted partner.

Customer testimonial

From helping us identify our product selection to training our management, CORD navigated us through the process to a very successful conclusion. CORD also has Purple Cow on a maintenance program and connected us with, WorldPay, our processor. We couldn’t be more pleased with the product, or the ongoing relationship with CORD Financial.

Jack Parker, Director of Operations & Marketing at Purple Cow Stores

Learn how your business can profit with CORD Financial Services.

Business owners have a triple opportunity here with ATM placements. You can:

  • reduce costs by avoiding fees on plastic transactions
  • reduce risk associated with plastic and checks
  • increase revenue with a portion of the ATM transaction fee

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Attention small-business owner! We have great options for you.

Whether you are a convenience store, a small hotel, or a restaurant, your customers will appreciate the convenience of an ATM, and you’ll benefit in several ways. Longtime customers tell us they see a marked increase in their own customer retention, reduced credit card/check risk, and a hassle-free revenue stream. The amount you make on each cash transaction depends on which CORD Financial program you choose. We have options to suit all bars and restaurants, clubs and resorts, gift shops, hotels and other businesses of various types and sizes. With our proven expertise, personal service and range of money-generating options, there’s no reason to delay. The best time to contact us is right now.

  • Corporate ATM Programs

    Corporate ATM Programs
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