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How Do ATMs Protect and Grow Your Bottom Line?

Cash is the most direct way for buyers to follow through with a purchase. Cash on hand adds the impulse to spend, a fact backed by studies showing ATM machines encourage more shopping and spending on site. By providing a convenient, accessible ATM in your store, shop or elsewhere on site, you are putting cash in the hands of your customers.

An ATM machine means less reliance on credit transactions or checks, less hassle and less paper transactions for you. Finally, the ATM provider can profit from the service through all or part of a transaction fee. The key is to work with a trusted partner. CORD Financial Services is that trusted partner.

CORD Financial Services is a leading provider of innovative ATM solutions, products and services that supports merchants with responsive, knowledgeable and caring people. CORD offers full service ATM placements, cash management, ATM transaction processing, ATM equipment sales, ATM parts and outstanding 24/7 customer and technical support. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer experience through integrity and trust.